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Civil law and real estate law

The Legal Office of Anna Jamroży, Cracovia, Poland
The Legal Office of Anna Jamroży, Cracovia, Poland

The Law Firm offers legal service in civil and real estate law e.g. preparing specialist legal opinions as well as writing drafts of all kinds of civil and commercial contracts and agreements. Taking into account the nature of business and protection of the Clients’ interests we offer ongoing advice related to formulating valid agreements with contractors. We participate in the negotiation of agreements and give opinions in terms of contract’s compliance with the law and proper protection of parties’ interests. We advise on real estate law among other in extended sojourn proceedings, dissolution of co-ownership, contracts of servitude, eviction cases, the protection of property and possession, in matters relating to contract of lease, as well as in matters relating to land and mortgage registry proceedings. The Law Firm also represents Clients in the matters of law of succession (certification of succession, legitim, invalidity of the will).

Moreover we provide legal services in regard to investment process in real estate market, including preparing legal analysis, due diligence, contracts and legal opinions.