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Forms of cooperation

The Legal Office of Anna Jamroży,Cracovia, Poland
The Legal Office of Anna Jamroży,Cracovia, Poland

In respect to legal services the Law Firm’s offer depends on the individual needs and expectations of the Client and the type of assigned cases. The Law Firm provides legal assistance e.g. in the following forms:

  • current, ongoing legal services
  • a single order
  • services provided on-line
  • conducting legal proceedings

The amount of the Law Firm’s remuneration is always agreed with the Client and depends on the complexity of the case, the nature of actions and the anticipated workload needed to accomplish the order.

According to the needs of our Clients and the type of cooperation we typically use one of the following billing options:

  • individual remuneration system in which remuneration is set separately for each of the contracted services
  • fixed remuneration system used in current, ongoing legal service
  • premium system based on a successful outcome of the case (Success Fee System)
  • time-based system